People are also calling it the Pavilion and the Big Top (I like Big House), and we're now supposed to move in April 27th (previously it was set for March 15th, but I guess we're not going to make that one). Last week, moving boxes showed up in our current office -- that wasn't encouraging.

We're discussing steps to alleviate the crunch, like swapping out desktops for laptops and virtual machines, but I'm somewhat surprised there's no big movement in this direction. Personally, I'm hoping to get rid of 3 desktops and upgrade a laptop. Mac Pro octo (when released) should be a dandy VM host too.

It would be helpful if we could do some telecommuting, but I'm not sure if the Powers That Be will allow it. We'll have to see how bad the crowding and noise are -- the real experience may change everyone's thinking (or it might not be too bad, but that's a lot to hope for). The partitions certainly were higher than I expected, and the cubes less tiny, although if we double up, they will be very cramped. On the bright side, I hear the city will only give a 5-year permit for the tent, which is better than I expected. It's not a good thing when you're relieved at only spending 5 years in a large semi-permanent "building" with outside bathrooms. But hey, at least we'll have good connectivity. Oy vey!

Anyway, new pics are up.

Upstairs cube farm