The Canon SD800 IS started taking a long time to recharge the flash, and exhibiting the lag issues I've seen before with the S400, so I changed the battery and they went away. I'd gotten up to image 365 (videos, of which I've taken about 5, increment the image count). This is very good battery life.

First flaw: the low charge warning doesn't come soon enough. It should be before the camera's behavior is affected, with enough margin that people will normally be able to keep using the camera for a while after seeing the warning before it becomes problematic, since most of us don't want to stop shooting until we can recharge or get a fresh battery.

Second issue: Image Stabilization doesn't work when the camera is held at a 90° angle. Worse, the image stabilization icon (either a hand with motion bars or a circle with motion bars) doesn't change when IS is disabled due to orientation. I only know it's not active because I read the manual.

Overall, I like the camera very much, even though I'm disappointed they didn't fix the recharge warning (which has been this way since the S400 was new, at least).