I was up on the 8th floor of the Rockefeller Research Building (RRB), and got captured by the prospect looking down, south onto the FDR and the East River, and separately west onto York at 63rd Street (and the Peggy Rockefeller Plaza). I took a bunch of pictures, including a few of the crowded mess that is my cube. Our move to the Super-Tent has been pushed back from March to April (tax day?), so I'll have to clean up and dump a bunch of stuff soon, to fit into the new cube-farm.

Peggy Rockefeller Plaza

But I was reminded that, overall, RU is a good place to be. It's why I came back after leaving several years ago, and why I've stayed this time (I'm in my 7th year this round).

FYI: Our web group has posted an excellent Interactive Campus Map.

Oh, and the camera is still going strong after having taken a total of 188 pictures & movies combined since its initial charge.