I like the SD800 IS a lot. The face recognition (although it still feels like a computationally insoluble problem to me) actually works, and the image stabilization does too. It enables me to take slower shots (and use flash less often), which is more likely to get a blur effect on running kids -- often fun, sometimes unacceptable. I've taken 148 photos and a few 640x480x15fps videos and the battery is still fine.

My only complaint about the S400 is that it only had a "battery low" warning, and inevitably once I saw that warning, the camera's performance was already starting to suffer (particularly flash recharge times). Something showing 0-10%, 10-20% .. 90-100% charge would a major improvement, but I haven't seen anything like a charge indicator on the new one either, yet. We'll see if it gives me enough notice. If not, I guess I'll just have to get a spare battery, but they ain't cheap.

Almost everything is logical or as expected from the S400. I was surprised that image stabilization doesn't work when the camera is rotated 90°, though.

The SanDisk 2gb Ultra II SD Plus USB Card is indeed excellent.