My Canon PowerShot S400 (4MP, CF) is beginning to die, finally providing an excuse to get a new camera (I have no complaints -- it has taken several thousand good pictures). The new SD800 IS (7.1MP, SD) is prettier (thanks for the pointer, Adam), slightly thinner (although it's also slightly wider, so it isn't really smaller), with a much larger LCD and much better video modes (I rarely carry my Sony DV video camera).

Even the AC adapter is thinner (and wider), with a more interesting retracting plug (not really significant, but aesthetically nicer).

I'm as impressed with my new SanDisk 2gb Ultra II SD Plus USB Card (good idea, Alex). It cost $60 and the flash is really in one half the SD card; the other half is a USB connector and plastic shell to fill out the SD card shape.

I can't help but compare it to older devices. By comparison, our original Macintosh had 128k of RAM (the new card holds 16,384 times more!) and 400k floppy drives (5,242 times more), and our first hard drive was a 45mb SyQuest cartridge drive (45 times more), and my Apple ][+ had 48k of RAM (1/43,690th as much as the SD card!). At the time, I remember deciding to get the 16k AppleSoft BASIC upgrade card, but not to max out the RAM with 64k, because I knew I wouldn't need more than 48k (then, not ever -- BillG was crazy!).