So the MoAB released a bug announcement with exploit code for Colloquy, an IRC client.

MOAB-16-01-2007: Multiple Colloquy IRC Format String Vulnerabilities Colloquy is vulnerable to a format string vulnerability in the handling of INVITE requests, that can be abused by remote users and requires no interaction at all, leading to a denial of service and potential arbitrary code execution. Further information: Multiple Colloquy IRC Format String Vulnerabilities Exploit: MOAB-16-01-2007.rb

Apparently someone used their exploit:

Thanks to str0ke for donating to the project and mirroring exploits and other code. In other news, we've heard rumors about someone using this exploit to take people down from several Mac-related IRC channels (#macdev, #mac, #macosx, #opendarwin, #colloquy itself...). This is an unfortunate prank, and has no relation with us at all (except the fact of developing the proof of concept and distributing it to some people). They had fun for sure, anyway. Definitely ranting on IRC is a high risk activity.

Do you see anything strange here? They announced several bugs to the world, and provided instructions for exploiting them. People did exploit them, and MoAB now says "no relation to us at all". Well, no. If you made these activities possible, there's a strong relationship.

We're lucky this happened with Colloquy, a relatively obscure product with a more sophisticated audience and very quick developers. Things would have been much worse with a serious attack on Mac OS X or Office.