The building I work in at The Rockefeller University is almost a hundred years old. It has a history of important science and medicine performed within its walls, and is thus a national historic landmark. On the other hand, it's in awful shape. The University cannot replace it, so they have decided to gut our building (Theobald Smith Hall) and the adjacent Flexner Hall; the buildings will then be completely rebuilt internally, and converted to open lab space.

The renovations and landscaping are expected to take several year, at which point IT won't be moving back, because the buildings will be only for labs, so we'll get put somewhere else. Unfortunately, IT does not get good offices. We are currently scattered across several floors of 3 buildings, with servers in 4 rooms across 3 buildings -- and insufficient environmental support for all our equipment. Construction always takes longer than planned, and it seems likely they will renovate another building after our two are finished, which means the space crunch will continue longer.

The immediate impact: in the early spring we will be moving to a new temporary structure (the "Super-Tent" -- "it's not a tent!"). It's being assembled right now, two stories tall. It will be real office space, but it's going to be crowded and noisy. I hope it has sufficient heating, cooling, power, and networking, but we can't know yet. Here's a picture of the "Super-Tent" under construction: