So Friday I spent several hours in a machine room, dealing with a mulish array. Having failed to anticipate how much time this would take, I also failed to bring a jacket. We spent most of the time waiting for various people and things.

Back in the day, I used to read Wired to see what new words and phrases they'd come up with to describe geek life.

My own contribution, inspired by the hours spent in our machine room, waiting for a callback/reboot/answer/whatever (both yesterday and on other days):

"Going to the beach": Moving from the "cold aisle" (in front of the equipment, where the keyboards and displays are, and where the air conditioning system dumps chilled air) to the "hot aisle" (where the hot air is exhausted from the backs of the servers, before being sucked back into the A/C system for another cycle).

Example: "I'm going to the beach for a few minutes, while we wait for a callback from someone with a clue why the tool failed."