I've been using the customized Blojsom installation Apple provides in Mac OS X (Tiger) Server to host my blog and a few others. Unfortunately, it's not stable. Last week, it died several times, and I gave up on waiting for Apple to fix the problems in Leopard Server (expected early 2007).

I've migrated the blog (including all old my posts) to WordPress, hosted by DreamHost, at www.extrapepperoni.com. As a bonus, WordPress includes many more (interesting) themes than Apple's very small (and classy, but simple) set, and additional features which Apple doesn't provide. Unfortunately, Apple's customized Blojsom can't take advantage of the many designs people have developed for mainstream Blojsom, and its plugin architecture is broken as well.

The main advantage of Blojsom is that all posts are simple (pairs of) text files, while WordPress is based on a MySQL database. Fortunately, WordPress/DreamHost hide much of the complexity.

In addition to my blog, I'm moving a couple mailing lists to DreamHost, again because Apple's Mailman is unstable.