I spent the day waiting for Verizon to install a new phone line, but they never showed up (again!). Supposedly tomorrow.

But I did find 16 networks from the new place, and had Internet connectivity most of the day, which made the wait somewhat less unpleasant.


Update: After 5-7 visits; including two simply skipped; one where the installer decided to leave instead of doing the install; one where the voice installer disconnected the DSL circuit to provide voice; another where the DSL installer (despite specific instructions to the contrary) disconnected the voice circuit to provide DSL; and a DSL installer who couldn't get the circuit up, but did manage to break the inside wiring; we finally got DSL working (thanks, Alex!). What a fiasco. I even tried to switch from Speakeasy service (Covad equipment over Verizon's wires) to Verizon-branded business DSL service, but couldn't wait over 2 weeks for the appointment. So we're back with Speakeasy until FIOS becomes available.