I periodically need to help my father with his computer. Since he's on DHCP behind an AirPort Extreme (which is getting its own IP via DHCP), this has been tricky. I recently found the solution.

Here's what I sent to Dad:

  • Please go to System Preferences:Sharing:Services.
  • Make sure Apple Remote Desktop is checked.
  • Select Apple Remote Desktop.
  • Check Show status in menu bar.
  • Click on Access Privileges, and make sure VNC viewers may control screen with password: is checked.
  • Type your password into the text box.
  • Hit OK.
  • Repeat this on all your Macs.

Next time I need to access one of your Macs, paste the following into a Terminal window: "ssh -R 6900: -R 6922: www.reppep.com".

After this, I should be able to connect to your computer without any more futzing on your end.

Thanks to RimuHosting for the idea.