• It's on its 3rd hard drive (this one is 120gb, but I was unable to find 5400rpm).
  • It has a 100mbit Ethernet TurboNet card (previously I had an old-skool 10mbit TiVoNet card).
  • It is accessible (on our private home network) via telnet, tivoftp (normal Linux filesystems, not MFS filesystems), and HTTP (TiVoWeb 1.0, with MFSStream v.98).

We watch all our TV on the PowerBook (TiVo2Go only supports Windows as of January 18th, 2005). Unfortunately there are several issues with sucking video off the TiVo onto a PowerBook. TiVo tools seem to be most advanced on Windows, where there are several slick tools for decoding, transcoding, and streaming. Next is Linux, and least-advanced are the Mac OS X tools.

I use MFSStream (a plug-in for TiVoWeb 1.0) to download .ty files through Safari, and tyc (which usually works, but not always) to strip the extra TiVo data and convert them to MPEG2, viewable in QuickTime (with the MPEG2 plug-in) or VLC. I'd like to upgrade to TiVoWeb 1.2.1, but haven't found a compatible MFSStream module.

Unfortunately, MFSStream generates bogus content-length headers for recordings over 2gb (feature movies). Both curl (latest version, from fink)