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Wednesday, February 3 2010

TidBITS: Zombie Authors Threaten Fiction Ebook Market, from the Grave!

TidBITS just published my latest article, a consideration of current and future trends in the (e)book marketplace. Adam found some cool CC pics to accompany the article (the whole 'zombie' theme was his idea too).


It's particularly timely during the iPad countdown, and after last weekend's Amazon/Macmillan standoff. Not sure if this is the most links ever in a TidBITS article, but I consider it a credible attempt.

Friday, January 8 2010

TidBITS article: Scheduling Software Update

Scheduling Software Update

Use the cron, Luke!

Wednesday, December 9 2009

Google Voice in Macworld

Macworld published my explanation of Google Voice: What is Google Voice?. There have been a bunch of (generally well-considered) comments at macworld.com, and a lot of Twitter discussion.

To my pleasant surprise, Gruber picked it up. To my greater surprise, so did Harper's

And here are my initial impressions, from August.