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Friday, April 4 2014

The Doubleclicks at The Way Station, with Sarah Donner, April 4, 2014


Sarah Donner opened:

  1. Rogue
  2. Heartbreaker
  3. Bitches You Can Steal My Shit
  4. The Motherfucking Pterodactyl (see also the Oatmeal's great animated video)
  5. The Rebuttal of Schroedinger's Cat (no video available)
  6. The Kickstarter Song
  7. With Pride
  8. Signal
  9. Going under (in a Way)
  10. All My Guns

Then The Doubleclicks played:

  1. Will They or Won't They
  2. Worst Superpower Ever
  3. Cats and Netflix
  4. Lasers and Feelings
  5. A Lullaby for Mr. Bear (adult version)
  6. Wonder (Wonder Woman Song)
  7. Ennui (on We Go)
  8. Nothing to Prove
  9. Something Else
  10. This Fantasy World
  11. Velociraptor (?)
  12. I Love You Like a Burrito (with special guest)

Saturday, March 29 2014

4th St. NiteOwls, Freddy's, March 29th, 2014

Gavin played with the NiteOwls at Freddy's.


  1. Jack I'm Mellow
  2. Breaking the Ice
  3. Busy Bee
  4. A Sin to Tell a Lie
  5. When Day is Done
  6. Louisiana Fairy Tale
  7. Crazy about My Baby
  8. A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid
  9. Nagasaki
  10. Bloodshot Eyes
  11. Diga Diga Do
  12. Honeysuckle Rose
  13. Jerry the Junker
  14. Happy Birthday

Friday, February 15 2013

Jill Sobule with Sex Mob at Union Hall, 2/15/2013

Colin McGrath opened. The oddest moment of the night was when he told us he had never heard Jill before, but sound check was great.

Jill played with Sex Mob, who she apparently first heard at the old Knitting Factory and is now touring with. They were excellent.


  1. Palm Springs
  2. Barren Egg
  3. When They Say We Want Our America back, What the F#¥k Do They Mean?
  4. Joey
  5. I Kissed a Girl
  6. Kickstarter rap
  7. Filthy Little Devils
  8. Raleigh Blue Chopper
  9. Angel/Asshole
  10. Smoke Dreams
  11. Cinnamon Park
  12. Rocky Mountain Way
  13. Sunrise Sunset
  14. Resistance Song
  15. Modern Drugs
  16. Jetpack
  17. Nothing to Prove
  18. Steve's joke
  19. Attic
  20. Jill's joke (her first ever onstage?)
  21. Lucy at the Gym
  22. When My Ship Comes in
  23. Lucky in Love

Friday, January 11 2013

Blowhole Theater Winterlude 2013 at Barbes

The Blowhole Theater Winterlude 2013 was at Barbes January 10th.


Ditty Committee played:

  1. Unicorn Farts
  2. Grand Larceny
  3. Your Drunk Wife
  4. The Ditty Committee Almost Knows the Alphabet
  5. Meat & Money, Inc.
  6. Ice Cream Truck
  7. Song of the Week
  8. Landfill Harmonic

Ed Pastorini played a few songs with vocal assistance from Don Ralph. I didn't catch any titles, unfortunately.

Virpi arrived just in time to participate in a Blowhole ritual.

Don Ralph, Gavin Smith, & Susan Hwang performed 3 pieces:

  1. The Whole Thing down
  2. Foul Pies
  3. Mobile Wash Unit

Thursday, September 20 2012

4th Street NiteOwls at Barbes, 2012/09/20

Gavin played clarinet with the NiteOwls tonight.



  1. Diga Diga Do
  2. Jack I'm Mellow
  3. Honeysuckle Rose
  4. Breakin' the Ice
  5. Crazy 'bout my Baby
  6. Making Whoopie
  7. Have a Little Dream on Me
  8. Bloodshot Eyes
  9. Louisiana Fairy Tale
  10. Jerry the Junker
  11. Ninety One in the Shade
  12. Staying Alive
  13. Nagasaki
  14. Cross Patch
  15. When Day is Done
  16. It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
  17. I Wish I Were Twins

Previous shows:

Friday, May 4 2012

MC Frontalot

As a Hannukah/Christmas present, Amy took me to see MC Frontalot at Knitting Factory Brooklyn. We were impressed by Schaffer the Darklord, fled the unintelligible noise of Math the Band, and didn't stay for the Wheatus, the headliners. In preparation, I played a bunch of Frontalot for Amy, which was useful -- it was much easier to enjoy music where we knew the words, as they were often difficult to hear.

The show was a success -- Amy is now a fan.

Friday, January 13 2012

Big Balls' premiere & Les Sans Culottes at The Rock Shop

Thursday night at The Rock Shop, Out of Order opened. I didn't really see their set.

Then Big Balls, an AC/DC cover band, played their premier show -- AC/DC's entire first album High Voltage and the first song from their second: "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap".

Finally Les Sans Culottes played an excellent set.

  1. Monsters
  2. Allô Allô
  3. Chaussures
  4. Gangsteur d’Amour
  5. Boots
  6. Je Suis Content
  7. F.U.C. Something
  8. Les Cactus
  9. Jour du Vélo
  10. Magic Bag
  11. Téléphone Douche
  12. Hypocrite Lecteur

Encores: Ecole du Merde & Shuba Duba Luba

Tuesday, September 20 2011

Molly Does Not Approve, Pianos, September 20, 2011

Molly Mae and the latest iteration of her disapproval played Pianos again, with new guitarist Peter Goodrich and guest Chevonne on vocals & keyboards. The Micks opened. Interestingly I hear Peter's guitar more clearly in the video.

Photos (including The Micks)


  1. Good Lookin'
  2. I Wanna Have Your Baby
  3. Social Worker
  4. Pinup Girl
  5. Cancao Brasileira
  6. Garter Belt, by Chevonne
  7. Stop Stealing My Shit

Thursday, September 8 2011

Upright Piano Brigade 4x2: Marc Peloquin & David Del Tredici at Barbes

Marc Peloquin played at Barbes, with David Del Tredici -- half pieces by David, and much of it four hands. Dennis Tobenski was also present.

72 photos

  1. Marc & David: Dolly Suite, Op. 56, Gabriel Fauré
  2. Marc: Novelette No. 1, Robert Schumann
  3. Marc: Song Suite: Four Songs, Ned Rorem (transcribed for piano solo by Marc)
  4. Marc: Growl, Dennis Tobenski
  5. Marc & David: Suite, Op. 11, David Del Tredici
  6. David: Fantasy on a Cherished Name (In Memoriam, Andrew Imbrie), David Del Tredici
  7. Marc: Farewell, R.W., David Del Tredici
  8. Marc & David: Carioca Boy- Tango, David Del Tredici

Sunday, July 10 2011

4th St NiteOwls, July 1 2011, Barbes

The NiteOwls played Barbes. Unfortunately I missed the beginning.

  • Stayin' Alive
  • It's No Fun
  • Crosspatch
  • When Day Is Done
  • Crazy about My Baby and My Baby Is Crazy about Me
  • Viper
  • The Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid
  • Wish I Were Twins
  • Two Sleepy People
  • Busy Bee

Thursday, March 17 2011

Robin Aigner in Boozin' & Bruisin' at Jalopy

I went to Jalopy again to see Robin Aigner. Unfortunately her site had the wrong time, so I showed up a couple hours early, came back home, and went back again! The show was a benefit for the Music Maker Relief Fund, put on by The Whistlin' Wolves (who joined most of the performances, along with David Bennet Cohen on piano).

It was funny to hear Old Plank Road performed by someone other than The Magpie, although I heard Benjoya mentioned a few times. I sat next to Sheriff Uncle Bob and recognize he was dressed for the evening from his sheriff's star (and tie with more stars), but didn't realize until he went onstage that he was a performer.

I took some photos.


Saturday, February 5 2011

Freddy's Bar, Grand Reopening, February 2011

Freddy's Bar has reopened in a new location. The new place is larger and nicer, although they still need to sort some things out -- staff kept walking through the stage during the performances. To celebrate the occasion, Freddy's hosted 3 bands on opening night: The Magpie, Brute Force, and Les Sans Culottes. Josh and I were there to see Gavin play in both The Magpie and Les Sans Culottes.

Many folks were snapping away with DSLRs and phones, and one fellow had a serious looking video camera, on a tripod, atop a raised platform. Fortunately for us all, Freddy's had the lights on.



  1. Biguine/Biguine
  2. Cormaine
  3. Copra Luca
  4. If You Want to Know Who We Are
  5. March Hora
  6. Old Plank Road
  7. Tania
  8. Mineola Rag
  9. Mysteriouse
  10. D Minor Bulgar

Brute Force

I didn't take any video of Brute Force.

Les Sans Culottes

  1. Magic Baguette
  2. Monsters from the Id
  3. Sur la Plage
  4. Allo Allo
  5. Je Suis Content
  6. Gangsteur*
  7. Jour du Velo
  8. Boots
  9. F.U.C. Something
  10. Chaussures
  11. Hot Bird
  12. Le Biz
  13. Sartre & the Lobster*
  14. Ou Est ou Est*
  15. SOS Elefants
  16. Telefon Douche

LSC Encore

  1. Shuba Duba Luba
  2. ???
  3. Ecole du Merde (for Virpi)

*: written by Gavin

Friday, January 21 2011

Molly DNA at Pianos

Molly Mae and crew performed at Pianos, with a couple appearances by Latex Lily. Princess Sunshine opened, Amazing Amy contorted, and MDNA jammed with Squeezerock after their set. I got a bunch of decent photos.

  • Princess Sunshine opened with a rant on "Happily Ever after". Then she played accordion and ukelele and sang a couple songs about men.

Next, Molly Does Not Approve played a set:

  1. Cigarette Girl
  2. Free
  3. Find My Clitoris
  4. Canção Brasileira
  5. Pinup Girl
  6. Social Worker
  7. Baby

After Squeezerock's set the bands recombined.

  1. Hey Good Lookin' (extended jam with Julz-A -- unfortunately the lights went out partway through)
  2. Fortify (jam with Squeezerock; contortions by Amazing Amy)

Videos will be up on YouTube next week.

Friday, December 10 2010

4th Street Nite Owls at Two Boots, December 2010

Blow, man, blow!

Tonight Gavin played clarinet in the 4th Street Nite Owls at Two Boots. The music was good and the photos & video (56:10) came out pretty well, considering the poor light -- although Gavin spent most of the show hiding in shadow.

I missed the beginning of the show, but saw most of the first set:

  1. Makin' Whoopee
  2. Sweet Sue
  3. Have a Little Dream on Me
  4. Louisiana Fairytale
  5. Jerry the Junker

and the whole second set:

  1. It's No Fun
  2. Stayin' Alive
  3. Nagasaki
  4. Crosspatch
  5. When Day Is Done
  6. Crazy about My Baby (and My Baby's Crazy about Me)
  7. I Wish I Were Twins


The whole show (large & slow):

Sunday, October 31 2010

Dances of Vice: Phantasmagorey II

Dances of Vice is apparently a series of shows in NYC. This was their second http://dancesofvice.com/phantasmagorey.html event. The show started with the Ghost Train Orchestra (quite good), then a bunch of dance/performance numbers, an audience "fashion show" decided by trivia questions, and finally a fashion show by Purevile.

I got some video of the orchestra and a dance number:

Phantasmagorey II

Sunday, October 10 2010

Les Sans Culottes & Persephone's Bees at The Rock Shop

Les Sans Culottes & Persephone's Bees played The Rock Shop. Show was excellent (and for a change I recognized most the music Gavin was playing), and photos are up.

Friday, June 25 2010

Femme Totale with Molly Does Not Approve

Tonight Molly Does Not Approve hosted Femme Totale, inviting several dancers to perform to their original music. After throwing out more than half my photos (pole dancing lighting is unfriendly to photography) and trimming down 10gb of video, here's what remains.


This show made clear that Festivus is the pole dancer's holiday. We saw a celebration, with Feats of Strength, all orchestrated around Festivus Poles. Fortunately Molly managed to transmute the Airing of Grievances into a song, "Stop Stealing My Shit" -- much more fun than watching Frank Costanza lay into George.

Photographic lesson of the evening: use a 'fast' lens -- give up composing in favor of more photons. Second lesson: don't take stills while filming -- the video freezes are too disruptive.

Thursday, December 10 2009

The Magpie at Cafe Steinhof

I went out to see Gavin in his multilingual multi-instrumental band, The Magpie at Cafe Steinhof.

As my new Canon T1i's first outing, it was a success. I took 157 photos -- mostly without flash while the band was playing, and some with flash between songs. 57 of them had some redeeming value:

Gavin Gavin Dave, Brooke, & Gavin

Brooke & Eli Brooke chokes up Ross

Wednesday, November 25 2009

MC Chris at Knitting Factory

I hadn't been to the Knitting Factory in years -- so long that in the interim, they closed that 'new' location and opened a Brooklyn venue instead.

The openers were I Fight Dragons, who played 'real' instruments as well as various Nintendo controllers (beeping from the standard gamepads, as well as a Power Glove and Power Pad, and Rock Band guitar). The 5 men all wore superhero t-shirts, and the woman wore a Wonder Woman belt (and the Power Glove). Their merch was also excellent.

The second act was Whole Wheat Bread. During their short set a mosh pit formed, and we saw 2 fights. Someone just failed to knock me over. I hadn't seen a mosh pit in over 15 years!

MC Chris

MC Chris performed alone (aside from background recordings, including his own voice -- a bit confusing). His voice was a bit hard to hear, but a solid contingent in the middle of the room knew all the words, so they didn't need to hear him -- not that their singing along made it any easier to hear Chris. Lots of call & response. His lyrics are great, although the spoken self-deprecating (Jewish) humor and his small nebbishy appearance were at odds with the lyrics, which sound like 2 Live Crew smartened up. Last show of this tour.

Godwin's Law: invoked. He did a bit about how dropping some phat beats might have diverted the Nazis from killing Jews. All over the music from "Lowrider".

A longer review from this tour

Saturday, October 24 2009

Molly Does Not Approve's Inaugural Performance!

We had heard Bjorn play before, and Molly played one of these songs for us when she was just starting to learning guitar, but this was an altogether different -- and most excellent -- experience.

Musically, they weren't sure how to describe it and we didn't know what to expect. Finding out what MDNA sounds like was a pleasant surprise, but now I'm not sure how to describe it.

These are very talented people. Each wrote at least one song, sang, and played at least one instrument.

Quote of the evening, when we arrived (late) and were being ushered out so they could finish setting up and start sound check, by Bjorn: "It's not rock & roll if you start on time."

Molly Does Not Approve


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