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Sunday, May 4 2008

People Suck: Flower Thief

1:39pm: 3 flowering plants On Friday Amy bought a bunch of flowers. On Saturday she planted them outside our apartment. On Sunday we went to J. J. Byrne Park (to be re-renamed back to "Washington Park" in the near future) with Julia and Lynne. We left at 1:39, and I took some pictures of Amy's handiwork.
3:59pm: Theft -- 2 stolen When we returned at 3:59, we were shocked to see that someone had dug up and stolen two of the dahlias.
To the DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING who stole my PLANTED FLOWERS, get a life!!! To the disgusting human being who stole my planted flowers, get a life!!!

Thursday, August 2 2007

Shitty New York

Tuesday morning, Amy and I were walking to the subway together, and we saw this amusing sign:

Things to do this summer

I sent it to Heather & Sam, who run New York Shitty (she acid wit & poop snaps, he back-end hosting), and she liked it. Then Curbed picked it up, and it's made the rounds.